Travel Beauty Essential: Atlanta

August is always a crazy month for me- usually filled with travels around the country sharing Fall finds. Currently, I am in Atlanta (at the airport actually, heading to Miami shortly) and, figured that it may be fun to share with you guys my on-the-road must-haves. They tend to change depending on the city and the circumstances- but this time around, the winner is Pssssst Instant Spray Shampoo.

See, my visit to Atlanta was two-fold- I had my cousin's wedding Sunday night, and an appearance on FOX Good Day Atlanta on Monday morning. So, I needed to pull off 2 hairstyles- and refused (as any sensible girl should do, I think) to wash my hair in between. Who has the time or the energy? Not me.

I have love for many a dry shampoo- this is one of many that I keep in my arsenal. But for travel, they have the most adorable minis, and the scent is always subtle and clean. For the wedding, my focus was more on the roots to get some lift before pinning my hair into a messy low ponytail. For TV, it was all about creating volume- the camera may add 10 pounds from the forehead down, but for some reason, it always flattens out hair. Go figure.

The build up with Pssssst is minimal- and the effect is noticeable. The perfect combo for a dry shampoo, don't you think?

Would love to hear your favorite dry shampoos- I am always looking for new ones to try. Want to share? Please do. Secrets secrets are no fun...You know how the rhyme goes...