Today Show 9/15: Beauty Must-Haves for the Bride

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Something the bride may not think of…

CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream- $10 at

  • There is lots of hand shaking and hugging going on all night- and to avoid catching anything before the honeymoon, apply this amazing moisturizing hand cream every 4 hours or so. Read more here.

Beauty essentials…

Hourglass Prodigy Lip Balm- $26 at

  • If you run out of room in your purse, this flat lip gloss is super simple to slip in the groom’s pocket- because it is wide and flat instead of round, he will never notice it is there- even if he sits on it! The formula is hydrating and super glossy, and even though the tube is oddly shaped, the applicator tip is classically shaped so you can apply without a mirror.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick- $26 at

  • This is the skinniest lipstick ever- and it also happens to be the MOST amazing formula that is easy to apply on the run, and comes off perfectly matte every time. Read more here.

Mai Couture Blush Papers- $15 at

  • Ever imagine applying blush without a brush? Add color to cheeks anytime with a swipe of this lightly powdered blush paper has a hint of shimmer. Gently press paper on the apples of the cheeks to get an instant vibrant look. 

Temptu UnderEye Concealer- $26 at

  • I love how smoothly this goes on so barely any blending time is needed and the light-reflecting diamond core effectively diffuses the appearance of lines, dark circles, and discoloration for a radiantly flawless effect. Vitamins A, C, E, and K work alongside cucumber and aloe to moisturize and smooth delicate skin, fight signs of aging, and revive tired eyes.

Must-haves to keep you feeling fresh…

MBeze Dabber Dust- $6 at

  • This 100% natural mixture of white kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, baking soda and zinc oxide can easily be dabbed on sweaty spots as needed. Most skin types absorb it quickly, so it won't leave a white residue.

Psssst Mini Dry Shampoo- $2.99 at drugstores

  • This beauty classic now comes in a teeny mini size- and it is the BEST way to give your hair a boost whenever you need it. Read more here.

Conair Mini Pro Styling Tools- $18 at mass market retailers

  • This is one to give to your bridesmaid who has a knack for helping everyone else primp- so small it can fit into a clutch, it heats up super fast. Come up with a sign to signal her to plug it in, meet her in the ladies room 3 minutes later, and in under 5 minutes, you will have freshly perfected waves.

Assorted Fragrance Minis

  • The options here are endless and a fun way to play with a new scent. From collecting mini samples to tearing out corners of scent-strips from magazine ads to holding onto the cute little roll-ons and teeny bottles you get as gifts with purchase- start a collection now, they will certainly come in handy.

Fast fixes…

bareMinerals On the Spot Makeup Remover- $5 at Ulta

  • Let the tears of joy flow freely, as long as you have these single use eyemakeup remover swabs in your clutch.

Shout Wipes- $3.39 at

  • Be wary of red wine-wielding guests- but in case you can’t fully avoid, these ensure that your dress can stay nice and white.

Cynthia Rowley Band Aids- $10 at

  • The most glamorous way to dress up a boo-boo, these are the ONLY bandages worthy of your wedding day.

Ms. & Mrs. MiniMergency Kit- $12 at

  • This little pouch is packed with everything a bride needs- and enough to go around to the most forgetful bridesmaids. Highlights include a sewing kit, nail file, breath freshener spray and earring backs.