Beauty BFF Viewer Q & A: Curly Hair Quandary

Q: I enjoyed the video about curly hair. I'm 44, and only recently discovered I have curly hair. My problem is the hair on the top of my head ( about 1 inch from a center part on either side) is straight, and I have yet to find a way to make the top look nice with curly sides. My hair is quite thick as well. Any suggestions you could offer would be helpful.

A:  I actually think that not having curls right at the roots can be seen as a good thing because it gives you styling options- and will keep your hair from ever looking too pouffy. In order to keep it from looking weighed down by the curl, I recommend using a root lift product that will not only give your hair a nice lift, but will add texture so you can better style it. I like Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate- it doesn't leave hair all crunchy looking. And the nozzle applicator is very targeted, making it easy to apply only where you want it

I would spritz in some product, then use your blowdryer and fingers to tousle and lift the roots. Also use this time to push your hair in the direction you want it to go- I think blowing it slightly forward is best if you then want to tie it back in a loose, low ponytail, or if you are leaving it down, blow it back so that it stays out of your face. To keep the rest of your curls smooth, massage a little serum or hydrating cream into the ends.

Hope this helps- keep us posted!

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