Bar Soap Gone Fancy & More Saks Insider Picks for Spring

I have mentioned Deborah Walters before- and today, I will mention her again, with good reason.  

A couple of weeks ago, a package arrived at my door direct from the SVP of Saks Beauty, filled with her Insider Picks for Spring, inviting me to give them a test-drive. Squealing with excitement (on the inside- the UPS dude always arrives when Alexa is napping) I tore through the tissue paper to unveil several very glamorous products that, left to my own devices, quite honestly, I may never have noticed. That is what I adore so much about Deborah's eye- it isn't necessarily about the most touted in-your-face find, but rather the sparkling hidden gem.

 Check out my latest piece for SaksPOV to discover my newfound love for bar soap (yep, bar soap), Marilyn Monroe's most beloved skin care and the hands-down fanciest hand cream ever.