An Ode to Patience & Perseverance: Amy Palmer & PowerWomenTV


In the business I am in (funny choice of words given that on a daily basis when asked I never actually know what business I am in), women are not always the most genuinely supportive of one another. And I get it.  I really do. The industry is insanely competitive- so I don’t think it fair for me to fault them for it. But it is also why I have such respect for Amy Palmer. From the art of walking and delivering an opening to camera to the importance of a fresh manicure, Amy never thought twice about sharing thoughtful and constructive advice when she happily (and generously) gave me airtime on her show NY360 many moons ago.

Over the years, we always stayed in touch- sharing successes and venting frustrations.  On one such lady date, Amy  spoke of an idea she had to create programming that would be aspirational and inspirational, featuring smart and successful “power women.” She called them “her power women”- which I always thought was both funny and cute. I pictured teeny superheroes in stilettos. Harnessing the power of their peplums to fly through the air, landing with blowouts in tact and Blackberries (okay, I am dating myself here) in hand.

 Fast forward, um, like 6 years. Amy is at my house in Westport. Her team sets up mission control in my kitchen- Morgan & Erica tweet, pin, Facebook and email at Mach speed while Justin films me, feebly attempting to perfect the art of the cheese plate, a few feet away. 

Not only has her dream of PowerWomenTV become reality, but I have become part of Amy’s stable of superheroes. (Albeit in flat boots, since sporting stilettos in my kitchen would simply be silly.)

 And while I am not a mushy person, there were definitely chills when we wrapped our first shoot day and when I see Suburban Survival Guide as I scurry around the city this week (best excuse ever to take cabs, right?), I am prepared for a relapse.

 When really good people accomplish really great things, and I get the honor of being along for the ride, goosebumps are inevitable.

Keep an eye out for a clip of my show, Suburban Survival Guide, on TaxiTV from March 18th-March 22nd. If you tweet me screen shot- since there is no TaxiTV in the ‘burbs, I am counting on you guys!- with the hashtag #SuburbanSurvivalGuide,  you may win a $100 gift card to HomeGoods. I will randomly pick a winner on Friday afternoon.