Beauty BFF Viewer Q & A: Foundation Fix?

I love all the questions that come in from viewers of my MSN series, Beauty BFF. I am going to do my best to answer as many as possible on my blog- here is this week’s installment:

Q: I'm looking for some help for my skin. I don't really need concealer because my skin behaves rather well, but I am looking for foundation so that my skin has a stable color appearance...After much work, time, and money, my skin doesn't look smooth, but caked on. What can I do?

A: Never underestimate the power of a great primer. Many people think of primers as an unnecessary extra step- but I completely disagree. A primer will fill in fine lines, wrinkles and any surface inconsistencies that may result from acne scars, sun damage, etc. There is a new one from Stila called One Step Correct that I think is especially perfect for you. Weaved into the primer are color correcting ribbons of peach, lilac and green, which counteract any and all discolorations, in, you guessed it- one step! It also brightens the skin- nice added bonus.

With this on the skin first, you can get away with using less foundation to get your desired finish, therefore eliminating the need to pile on product which can result in that “caked on” look that we are trying to avoid here.

Following the primer, I suggest a medium coverage liquid foundation that you can really work into the skin. Two of my favorites right now- both have matte finishes which is very on-trend for Fall- include Ahava Mineral Makeup Light Foundation, which is enriched with Dead Sea minerals to protect and improve your skin, and Lancome Tient Idole Fresh Wear matte foundation, again, very lightweight but substantial coverage. Oh, and it lasts for 18 hours straight which, if your skin EATS makeup like mine does, is a huge plus.