Beauty Confession: Adult Acne. Good Times.

I feel naked.

Usually my shower ledge, pictured above, is packed with cleansers and moisturizers- old favorites and the latest and greatest- for me to sample at my leisure all in the name of research.

But- guess what? For the first time in my life, I have acne. Yep- awesome. Went to the derm because I figured it had to be a rash of some sort on my chin. While I have many beauty issues, my skin isn't one of them. It was all part of my shtick- good skin, not so good hair.

Until now.

Apparently, the acne on my chin (which I had come to fondly refer to as my "zit beard") was getting worse due to irritation from products I had been using so he instructed me to go on a strict diet of Cetaphil. That and a couple prescription creams he wanted me to try. My routine has never been so bare bones.

I have to say- getting back to basics feels kinda nice.