Beauty Bargain: Softlips Balms

I love a good lip balm. Especially one that isn't pricey so I can stash a stick in every bag. I have different balms for different situations- emergency chap intervention (Carmex), pre-lipstick smoothing (Mayron's Goods Chap Stuff), sweet tooth tricking (Bath & Body Works Mentha Shine), etc. For daily hydration maintenance and protection, my most favorite is Softlips.

Featuring skin-protecting ingredients, I love how light they feel on the lips- not waxy or greasy, yet still substantial. And the new limited-edition winter flavors are pretty delicious. A pack of 5 is $9.99 at the new Softlips online store. And Softlips has a great presence on Facebook too (personally I love seeing how classic beauty brands are engaging on Facebook- it is the social media nerd meets beauty junkie in me)- check out their page here.

Side note: For some people, fragrances bring back memories of certain periods of their lives. For me, it is lip balms. Body Shop Kiwi Strawberry is 5th grade, there was some honey situation that always brings me back to 9th grade German glass, and the signature skinny Softlips stick never fails to bring me back to a ski trips with my family when I would always tuck one into whatever pocket was most accessible in my pink and silver ski suit.  I remember feeling very low-maintenance glamorous when I would slather it on in front of some handsome ski instructor while waiting in the lift line. And yes, I was about 12 years old at the time.