Beauty Discovery: ILIA Pure Lip Care


Like most girls I know, I hoard lip products. Typically I have a baker's dozen in my bag at any given time, all with different textures, finishes, shades, applicators, scents, etc.  I never know exactly what mood I will be in and in turn, what product I will want to have at arm's reach, there truly is no way to cut down on the clutter. It is completely rational, right? RIGHT? Yeah, thought so.

However, when I am out with Alexa and we share her diaper bag- diapers, toys, pacifiers, emergency food stash and Orajel swabs for her means not much room for me (ahh the tiny lessons I learn about parenting daily)- I have to pare down the stash dramatically. As in, one lip product and one lip product only. Because let's face it, if stuck in a public place and the choice is between Alexa screaming bloody murder over a wet diaper and me having a perfectly glossed pout? Bring on the diapers.

Inevitably, every time this choice presents itself, I reach for a tube of ILIA Lip Care Tint & Conditioner. The colors are beautiful- and unlike many lip products that start out on the sheer side, these truly are buildable. So, if you want more color, you can have it. The formulas feature 85% organic ingredients- not usually something I care about truthfully, but now that Alexa grabs my mouth and then sticks her product stained fist in her own mouth, figure it can't hurt to err on the side of safety.  Each stunning and wearable shade moisturizes with Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil, fights free radicals with a little Pomegranate and gives you a nice little burst of Jasmine and Orange Blossom fragrance.

My shades of choice? For night time, Arabian Nights (if you are blonde and fair and think you can't do a burgundy, after this, you can rest assured knowing you can). For day, Nobody's Baby is the way to go- a nude hue that for once doesn't make me look like a corpse.

Six shades of the Lip Tint & Conditioner are available for $24.95 each on the ILIA website. As of now, this is the only item they sell- so you kind of know it has to be well thought out and pretty damn good.

Oh- and PS- I am sort of in love with the simple packaging. Very reminiscent of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments that we all know and love, the brushed metallic tubes are made of recycled aluminum and can withstand lots of tossing, chucking and dropping. These are the things you learn, and appreciate, about your products when you have an 8 month old.

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