Closet MVP: ASOS Color Trousers

I adore ASOS.  Ordering from the site has become an almost weekly event- and since they offer free shipping and free returns, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.  So there.

The prices also happen to be amazing (especially on their in-house line), and the style options are massive. Almost overwhelmingly so, but given the whole free shipping/free return thing, I can't hate on them for it- in some roundabout way, they are doing the most altruistic thing, encouraging us to experiment with fashion, no strings attached. What can I say- I am an online shopping optimist.

After the Katy Perry cover of Elle in March, I became obsessed with brightly colored trousers- but since I had never even attempted something quite so loud and daring, it took me awhile to take the fashion plunge. Then, during my daily persusing of ASOS, I stumbled across a pair (or 10). And I ordered a pair (or 10). A love affair was born.

NOTE: Please excuse the semi-fuzzy photos. In my next life I will marry a professional photographer or something, but until then (or I figure out another solution), these are the photo flash cards I have been dealt. Oh, woe is me...

These photos showcase my most recent additions- the green in the photo above is the Tailored Slim Cropped (Price: $54.89) and the peacock and royal blue below are Slim Crop Pant (Price: $45.74). Both from the ASOS in-house label, and both fit perfectly right out of the tattered silver shipping baggie.

A few other factors contributing to why I declare these among the ranks of my Closet MVPs: They give new life to the most boring basics I have had in my closet for years and virtually stopped wearing because I was so bored of them. And, every time I wear them people ask me if I have lost weight (major bonus points for ANYTHING that can trigger that question) and then demand to know where I got my fabulous pants, thus giving me the excuse to ramble on about three of my favorite things: Core Fusion, Flywheel and, of course, ASOS.


What color should I add to my collection next? Take a peek on ASOS and let me know your thoughts. Decisions, decisions...