Not To Be The Girl Who Tells You To Buy $60 Lipstick, But...

You really should strongly consider going out and treating yourself to a $60 lipstick.

Specifically, this one (in Plum Pudding, although it is actually more of a deep raspberry) from Clé de Peau Beauté because it is the most perfect color ever, has a glossy finish while still being a substantially creamy formula, and, it has a fancy name that describes it to a T- Enriched Lip Luminizer.

For the faint of lipstick heart, the glisten-y quality makes it really easy to wear.  Since I got a hold of it, it has been the only lipstick I carry, which significantly lightens my load, another check in the "buy this" column. When I wear it for day, it is beautifully natural. When I go out at night, it lets me have a little fun creating a dramatic smokey eye because it anchors the look in normalcy.

And here is a helpful way to rationalize the purchase: If you have a tendency to buy a new lipstick/gloss/balm every other time you walk into a drugstore, and the average price of said impulse buy is $6, and you just may do this 10 times a year , then you have spent the same amount. And your lips probably don't look half as gorgeous as they would coated in this lovely (and yes, luxurious) formula. So there.

**Note: There was some confusion over the price, so here is the deal- the lipstick itself is $35, and the refillable case is $25. Hence, $60.