Best Spring Purchase To Date: Ann Taylor


I gotta say- Ann Taylor is KILLING it for Spring. It reminds me of Zara last year- you know, when all of the sudden you walked into the store almost every single item jumped out as a must have. And not in a trendy "Friday night party top" way, but in a "this could live in my closet for the long term and make me look amazing on a regular basis" way.

The other day, I picked up an incredible 3/4 sleeve top with a bell-shaped silhouette in a tangerine-meets-coral-gone-neon hue. The shape feels very mod, the color feels very current, and it wears extremely well. After a 16 hour day (which included an event to check out the Spring launches from Shiseido,where they snapped the photo of me above) it remained crease and wrinkle-free. I could learn a lesson or two in stamina from this puppy.

For some insane reason, it is not available online (gasp!).This means you have to get yourself to an Ann Taylor store, shell out around $88 (if I recall that was the price but they always seem to have some special discount situation going on in there), and walk out with a big ol' smile, confident that you just made the best possible purchase to kick-start the season ahead, and then some.

Note: The top photo is to show you the color (and while you are looking, check out the pretty pink lipstick- part of Shiseido's Spring collection), the bottom is to show you the shape. Between the two, you should have a pretty decent idea of what you are getting yourself into should you decide to seek out said top.

The necklace, by the way, is from RichRocks- it is one of my staples for on-air days because it is lightweight yet somehow doesn't make any of the jingling noises that usually annoy the sound people on set.