The Most Perfect Liquid Eyeliner, As Seen On TODAY


Eyeliner should not- I repeat should NOT- be relegated to special-occasion-only status. Rather, eyeliner can, and should, be worn every single day. A single thin line, applied correctly, will define the eyes just enough to transform the face in the most subtle, yet substantial, way.

The perfect eyeliner should to be TWO things: petite and precise. You will totally understand why these qualities are crucial, and subsequently why Ardency INN eyeliner is a makeup bag must-own after watching the latest installment of Selective Eye. 

Side Note: Coincidentally, earlier this week as I was preparing this post to launch the video, I got a call from TODAY. What did they want? To see if I would to do a segment about the right way to apply eyeliner. On Friday morning. Perfect timing!  If you missed the segment, I will be posting links later today on my social media platforms- follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to check them out.