Confession: I Have a Stylist. And She's 3.

Jenn Falik in Asos Dress on Today Show

Jenn Falik in Asos Dress on Today Show

People warned me that the time would come when Alexa would no longer allow me to pick out her clothes.

What they did not warn me about was that the time would come when Alexa would no longer allow me to pick out MY clothes.

I make no secret of the embarrassing truth that my daughter is the boss of me. (Also note that I am aware this is a problem and not the best reflection of my parenting skills but hey- we learn as we go, right? Right?!) Anyway- if you met her, she would very likely be the (very sweet but very stubborn) boss of you too. Within minutes, you would be frantically trying to figure out how to get "Frozen" to play on Amazon Instant Video while searching under the couch for her blankie.

On Thursday evening, I decided it was a good idea to invite her into my closet to help me pick out what I would wear on TODAY the next morning.  I figured she would play with my jewelry, try on any shoes within her reach, and call it a day. But no. That did not happen at all.

She spotted a neon pink floral print dress, demanded I try it on, and then handed me a pair of shoes to wear with it.  She looked up at me and said "Mommy, you look so beautiful!" Out of self respect I had to try another option (I mean, I couldn't let her win so easily right?) so I put on this top and black pants. Alexa looked me up and down for a second, then said "Mommy, that looks like a swimsuit with a tutu." She was kinda right.

Go figure that out of every segment I have done, this is the one that sparked the most "what were you wearing" emails, tweets and Instagram comments. 

The dress is from ASOS. I got it last year, but they made the exact same dress in an updated floral print for this season.

Obviously, I am buying it. (Don't worry, I showed Alexa the picture online and she approves.)