Fragrance Philosophy: Isn't It Kinda Mostly About How We Want to See Ourselves?

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Sometimes, buying a scent is very much about buying into a way you want to imagine yourself.  Sure, it has to smell good enough- but I would be lying to say that I am above being sucked in slightly by the brand, the bottle, the advertising imagery and so on.

When Saks asked me to write about the newest scent from Hermes, I struggled at first. I rarely cover fragrance since it typically doesn't play well on TV, and much of the beauty point-of-voew I have comes from the work I do researching and putting together my segments. So I decided to use that naiveté for the story, and forgo fancy fragrance talk in favor of telling it like it is- well at least like it is for me. 

Check out the story here, and I would be curious to hear from you: What girl did you see  yourself as the last time you picked up a new perfume? 

Note: Fragrance image provided by Hermes, clothing images from