Found: A Simple Shortcut to Youthful Nails

Anti-aging nail polish that makes nails look younger.

Yes, even I cringed while writing the title of this post. Agreed, it does sound inane to even care enough to find something that makes your nails look younger, let alone write a blog post dedicated to it. I mean, a nail is a nail is a nail, yes? Well, I thought so too. Until I tried the  Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

It is no secret that I have pudgy little hands that look stupid silly when I adorn them with any sort of "statement" polish. Typically, I err on the side of classic pale pinks and beiges, like this one.  But with my schedule as of late (still trying to settle into some sort of a routine out here in suburbia, one that could possibly include a trip to the nail salon every so often), even a barely-there polish can end up chipped and yucky looking with no time for a fix in sight.  So I have often resorted to going completely polish-less. As part of this exercise in low-maintenance manicuring, I noticed that my hands not only look like they belong to a 10 year old boy, but that my nails look noticeably more dull than they did back in the day before polish became a part of my life to begin with. 

The adorably retro-looking bottle is filled with a nail strengthening formula that also contains an optical brightener. Said brightener filters out the yellow in the nail, bringing out the natural pinkish color of the nail bed and making the nail on top look noticeably whiter and more healthy. Honestly, I am completely amazed at the different one coat makes.  

Oh- and the models at the alice + olivia Spring 2013 presentation sported the Pink Gel Coat, adding further validation to my claim that naked nails can be quite chic.