Fresh Mangosteen Bath & Shower Gel- My Shower Staple.

Fresh Mangosteen Shower GelIn the past, whenever I walked into a Fresh store, I would spend hours smelling everything, and by the time my exasperated shopping partner laid down the law and made me leave, I did so empty handed. With so many scents and products to choose from, I never could make that final decision. Which combo of fragrance and function was perfect for me? I no longer have to make that sad purchase-free walk home, as I have discovered the wonder that is Fresh Mangosteen Bath & Shower Gel.

I am not going to lie- I have no idea really what a Mangosteen is. All I know is that it smells divine. Citrus-y but not identifiably so, sweet but not sickening, and, when mixed with the hot water and steam of your shower, it turns the every day ritual into a fragrant and delicious experience.

I ran out of mine the other day (and I NEVER finish a product, so this is huge) and I have to say, my day did not get off to its usual upbeat start. Happily, I quickly re-stocked and things are back to the way they should be- bright, happy and filled with much Mangosteen.

My tip? You shower every day (I assume) so make it count. Find a shower gel with a scent that suits you, and lather up. Regardless of whether or not the gel's fragrance lingers all day on your skin, at least you can chalk up a few delightful minutes each morning to an addictive aromatic ritual.

Treat yourself to a sensational shower by stocking up on Mangosteen Bath & Shower Gel here.

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