Darphin Azahar Water Cleanser- The First Step in my Beauty Routine.

Darphin Azahar WaterYes, I am a beauty fanatic. And as such, most people expect me to share some long drawn out daily face cleansing regimen whenever they ask me what cleanser I use. Well, it is about time that I confess just how lazy I am when it comes to washing my face. I am incredibly lazy. After a day that usually begins around 6:30am and ends fourteen hours later, the last thing I want to do is suds up my face and go through a whole scrub and rinse process.

So, I use Darphin Azahar Floral Water- a one step, water-free, super gentle cleanser that, in conjunction with a cotton pad, wipes away all traces of makeup and other unpleasant side effects of city living. It does not dry out my skin and the delicious scent instantly relaxes me (something we can all use before bed, no?).

Oh- and did I mention that it removes eye makeup too? Well, it does. Love it.

My tip? Invest in as simple a cleanser as possible that still keeps your skin clear. The easier it is to clean your face, the more likely you are to do it twice a day, no matter how exhausted you are. And try and pick something in a pretty bottle. Sounds silly, perhaps- but, if it is nice to look at, you won't mind keeping it on top of your sink. And, if it is on top of your sink, it is impossible not to feel obligated to use it.

Add this French beauty favorite to your skincare routine here.

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