Good to the Last Drop: Perricone MD No Sun Tanner

It is a rare event that I completely finish a product. So when I do, I feel the need to make a really big deal about it. Like a shout from the rooftops, alert the masses, skip down the sidewalk kind of a big deal.

Okay- well maybe these days it is more of a celebratory blog post, but you get my drift. Finishing a product is exhilarating.  Although in the case of  my Perricone MD No Sun Tanner, it was also anxiety-inducing- I still had one leg to go when I discovered my poor rationing skills.

My affection for self tanning has been well documented on this blog, and yes, I know I have raved about different products in the category over the years- and this is not because I am fickle or always a sucker for the "next big thing". I actually believe in having a "wardrobe" of faux glow-getters; depending on the season, the occasion, the time you have to spare for application and so on, your needs can be different. So your product can't always be the same. No matter how good it is. Right? Well...

If you are going to buy one self tanner for year-round use- and I am going to be bold here and just put it out there- Perricone MD No Sun Tanner should be it.

It smells incredible, can be used head to toe (which means your face matches the rest of you, which I think you will agree is kind of important), and builds gradually enough to be fool proof but not so gradually as to be frustrating. If you use it after showering every other day, you will never be pale again.

There are other benefits too- you can read about them in the product description here- but the reason I stole one of Alexa's baby food spoons to get the last drop out of the bottom of the bottle this past Friday was really all about the bronze factor. I am just that vain these days, I guess.