Baby Style: Six Store Bought Saviors

Today, Alexa is six months old- and we have both come a long way since January 7. She went from a quiet sleeping preemie to a giddy giggling infant. Me? I like to think that I went from a petrified new parent to a kind of confident and semi competent mom. This declaration of semi-competence makes me feel okay about sharing some of my new mom must-haves- starting with the six store-bought saviors that I don't think I would have stayed sane so far without.

And other moms out there- do me a favor and leave a comment sharing your favorite finds. Trust me, I can use all the help I can get!

Scrunch Bottle Bib- So so simple but so so genius- Brian and I won't feed Alexa a bottle without one of these. Velcro the $8 "bib" around the neck of the bottle, tuck the soft towel under  your baby's chin, and it will catch any stray spills and dribbles before you ruin yet another freshly washed outfit. Infinitely easier and more effective then a big ol' bib.


Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier- I admit- at first, I was completely anti-Bjorn. Something about toting my baby around town in one of these made me feel like I was one step away from mom jeans and carrying snacks in Ziploc baggies. But especially if you have a baby AND a dog, you need this.  I have become a pro at slipping Alexa in, clipping Norman's leash on his collar, and being out the door for a morning walk in 30 seconds flat. And clearly, Alexa is quite comfortable in it- as you can see above.

Bright Starts Tug Tunes- I have no idea why Alexa adores this toy so much, but it is guaranteed to distract her from whatever she seems inclined to start crying about.  I love that it is easy to hook onto anything- her stroller, her play mat, our diaper bag- and the song it plays is quick and painless. Full disclosure- I made up a little jig to go along with the beat. When you hear something 100 times a day, you can't help it.


Kicky Pants Onesies- Alexa is squirmy. Getting her dressed can be an exercise in patience- so the stretchier the clothing, the better.  The bamboo clothing from Kicky Pants is soft and stretchy, easy for me to pull on and off even when she is flailing like a crazy lady. They hold up well even when washed daily, and the designs are modern and, dare I say, sophisticated- a welcome change from teddy bears, sheep and lady bugs. I have said it before, and I will say it again- if ran the United States, we would be the MOST efficient country on the planet. Not only do they carry everything, but I am convinced they have special passageways underground that little elves scamper through in order to deliver formula, diapers and such at mach speed.

Binkie Bungee- I wake up in cold sweats after nightmares that find me in a public place- be it a park, a plane, a store- without a spare pacifier. Thankfully, with this clip, I don't have to stress anymore because the pacifier that we leave the house with is the only one we need. Plus, I tend to be flustered enough as it is, so the last thing I need when Alexa is screaming bloody murder is to be frantically searching the premises for a pacifier gone AWOL.