Gotta Try It: Birchbox

I do not take for granted how lucky I am to work in the beauty industry and have constant access to new product information and samples. That is kind of what propelled me to transition into the on-air expert gig- a desire to share all these cool things I get the scoop on with every other cosmetically-curious person out there.  And while I love passing around beauty goods I receive to friends & family to sample, I simply don't have enough product- or time to send it- to everyone who I know would go nuts for it.

And this, my friends, is where Birchbox comes in.  Mollie Chen, who I absolutely adore and who's opinion I respect completely, had been telling me about this concept that her friends were launching for awhile- and when she left her job as a magazine editor to go join them, I knew it had to be the real deal. And let me tell you- it is.

Sign up for this service for $10 a month, and you will receive a beautiful box with deluxe minis from some of the best brands in the biz (Nars, Cargo, Lipstick Queen, Benefit- all of my favorites.) It is the best way ever to try out new lines- and stock  your toiletries for traveling in style.

Hayley Barna, one of the Co-founders, said it best: “Women are overwhelmed by a crowded beauty landscape. Birchbox aims to give them the tools to become savvier beauty consumers and buy with ease and confidence.”

In addition to getting this very fun delivery at your door, as a Birchbox member you will have access to their amazing website which is packed with more info on their samples, makeup techniques, trend information and overall beauty insider info that everyone can use.

So, even though technically I am not sending you these samples from my personal stash- you can still thank me :)