Love It: DayNa Decker Le Petite Parfum

When it comes to fragrance- I try to stay faithful. Really, I do. But it is so hard. See, the scent I have long tried to make my "signature" is this one- but there have been a few hiccups. Mainly, I can't find a travel size anywhere so unless I am getting ready in my own bathroom at home, I am scent-less. And the second challenge has been the influx of niche fragrance brands that constantly tempt me with their unique perfumes.

The latest one causing me to stray is from DayNa Decker. I have long been a fan of DayNa Decker candles, but was recently introduced to her "Le Petit Parfum" offerings- specifically, one called Pink Couture. Initially, my superficial self was turned off by the name- conjuring up tutus and cotton candy, I imagined the fragrance would be sweet and somewhat silly. But, knowing DayNa Decker's knack for developing complex, sexy scents, I should have known better.

It couldn't be more different than my beloved Dior Hypnotic Poison-  there isn't a hint of spice. Rather, it is a blend of Litchi, Freesia, Raspberry, Magnolia, Tonka and Teak Essence. Sweet without being sugary- I find myself sneaking whiffs of my wrist all day when I have this on.  And the sleek gold atomizer is compact enough to come with me everywhere. And right now, let me tell you, I am not leaving home without it.