I Never Fancied Myself a Green Eyeliner Kind of Girl, Until Now: YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil

Green eyeliner, historically, has had a negative connotation. At least, in my mind. It made me picture old ladies with blue hair and rust-hued lip liner, holding foil-wrapped pieces of cardboard under their chins to catch some sun while gossiping over wine spritzers by the pool. That, or club kids. Personally, not sure which is less appealing.

But whenever a package arrives from YSL Beauty, I tear it open with such voracity that it would be a shame for me NOT to give every item inside a fair shot. However, to be honest, I haven't made it through even half of the items delivered because I am completely enamored with one in particular- Waterproof Eye Pencil in, yup, you guessed it- green. To be more exact, Amazon Green.

When sharpened to a fine point, the pencil perfectly lines the elusive inner water lines of the eye- both top and bottom. It is super soft and glides across the skin- important for such a delicate (and for me, queasiness-inducing) part of the face.

The green is definitely green, a really beautiful shade that can be bright if used above the lash line, but when tucked right under it, is subtle without being invisible.  I have been wearing it every single day and never feel the slightest bit inappropriate. Come to think of it, I actually feel a little bit smug knowing that I am just that girl, you know, pulling off green eyeliner at 2pm on a Wednesday.

And when armed with a little jewel-toned green goodness at a business appointment, well, I can't help but think that whomever I am meeting with must be somewhat impressed by the fact that I am not wearing basic brown or black liner. Oh, I guess I should mention that most of my meetings are with people in the beauty industry, so they notice that kind of stuff.  Or so I imagine. Nobody has called me out on it just yet, but I choose to assume they are admiring silently.

If you want to change up your everyday makeup routine just enough to keep it exciting without looking like you are trying too hard, an infusion of YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil in Amazon Green may be just the thing. At least, it is for me.