Ode To: Rodin Olio Lusso



Rodin Olio Lusso was that product that I HAD to own. To be honest, I didn't know why exactly, but I had read about it enough and it looked so damn glamorous that regardless of whether it had any redeeming beauty benefits at all, I was buying it. And displaying it prominently right next to my sink. So there.

So a year and a half ago, I marched up to Barneys and did the deed (I remember the date clearly because it was right before we went to Cabo and I insisted on packing it and had visions of an exploding bottle the entire flight).

18 months later, I am still using it regularly- the exact same bottle- and loving it just as much as I hoped  I would when I initially set out to be "one of those girls that uses Rodin Olio Lusso". Even though, yes, I had no idea what it did.

Well, it does a lot. And this morning, as I slathered it on post-segment to melt down my heavy "morning show" makeup, I thought to myself- how have I not written about this puppy yet? So, I am.

Here is a short and simple list of why I stand behind this splurge:

  • It smells better than any product (or perfume for that matter).
  • It lasts forever- 18 months and counting- granted that may not be safe, but hey, my skin still looks good if I do say so myself.
  • It makes my skin super soft instantly when it is at its driest- even though the oil isn't the slightest bit greasy.
  • It saves me from washing my face and starting my makeup all over again after shooting- massaging a tiny bit into my skin somehow breaks down the heaviness of the foundation that has been slathered on me and leaves me with a refreshed complexion (as noted above).
  • It makes me feel like my life is kind of glamourous even if I spent the day writing proposals and pitches in pajamas and microwaved a Weight Watchers Macaroni & Cheese frozen meal for dinner.

And last but certainly not least- since I tend to be very emotionally connected to the items I use*- the fact that I have heard nothing but amazing things about the creator, Linda Rodin, makes me love the product even more.  She just seems like the most elegant, smart and honest woman- check out this article on her that I came across recently- and in and industry of egos, false claims and drama, that is something I can always support, no matter how much it may cost me.

*Seriously, the real estate in my makeup bag and closet are insanely tied to my feelings about the person behind the brand- almost to a fault. There is a girl who used to harass me big time in middle school and now she has a tee shirt line that, to be honest, looks pretty nice. But even if it was the most perfect fitting tee shirt on earth, if her name is on the tag that sits on the back of my neck, I just would never buy it. There are too many good people out there who I feel are more deserving of the dollars. Agree?