The Mascara of The Month (or, several months and counting)...

I have this theory on drugstore mascara. My theory is that it is actually significantly more costly than department store brands. Because if you are a drugstore mascara person, then every time you walk into the drugstore and you are bombarded by posters and giant promotional end-of-aisle build outs for the newest must-have mascara breakthrough you question the one you own and inevitably spend $10-plus to get the new miracle lash potion being thrown in your face. The combination of the frequency with which we tend to visit our local drugstore and the seemingly constant launch roll out of new mascaras- I venture to say one could buy $40 worth of mascara in a couple months- whereas if you go with a department store investment, you stick with it and actually save.

Anyway- the point of all this is- I found a way to defy my own theory, and I called it L'Oreal Voluminous.

Makeup artists and beauty insiders swear by it- and for good reason. The formula is very creamy- which means you get some play time so you can define and push up your lashes.  I focus on the middle lashes just above my pupil- pointing my brush almost like I am going to poke my own eye out, I push at the roots to deposit a little extra lacquer.  It creates the illusion of a Twiggy-like doe eyed. Which I love- who doesn't? You get volume, you get length- but you need to work a little more to get the length part of it. I go over the ends of my lashes one extra time just to make sure I get that benefit- and it works every time.

This has been the only mascara in my makeup bag for 4 months and counting- which says a lot, I think.