Throw on a Blazer, You Have the Perfect Dress for the Office...

I always feared strapless dresses- that is, until Shoshanna came around. We all know that she has a knack for dressing those of us with, well, curves- and this dress is the most perfect example of her skill.  Florals are a huge trend for Summer- but I am wary of the ones that look too Laura Ashley-esque. Which is why I adore the fact that this pattern is set on black, and the thick elastic waist band has an edgy feel to it (although I kinda want to put my skinny J. Crew black belt with gold stud details around it next time I sport the ensemble).

I wore it for an LX TV segment yesterday and when watching the clip back, I actually liked the dress even more.  Usually, after I see myself in something on TV, it gets relegated to the back of my closet.

It holds everything in and pushes everything up- and has a very sexy slit that really accentuates the hourglass shape it creates. I top it off with this amazing cropped Topshop blazer I got a month or so ago- it has slightly puffed out sleeves which pair perfectly with the cinched in waist of the dress. If I were truly chic and didn't have to carry a veritable suitcase to work every day, I would tote a sleek oversized black clutch to complete the look. But lucky for bag lady me- my Kooba Savanah goes with it nicely.