Notes From My Vanity: A Quick Spruce

Lately, it seems that I need to turn my daytime face (comprised of the basics- BB cream, cream blush, champagne-y shadow and mascara) into something a little more glamorous in a matter of minutes. This is completely my own fault- since having a baby and working from home my time management skills have gone down the tubes.  In an attempt to be more positive (new thing I am doing- one therapy session and I am all of the sudden an optimist), I look at it as a beauty challenge- and let me introduce you to the two products that make victory mine every time.

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner: In general, the shorter the pencil, the easier the application. This chubby little guy has the perfect point to apply with precision in a hurry, and the kajal formula deposits rich pigment that has a softness to it which makes smudging (in the good way) simple. It glides right along the inner eye- no tugging and no need to go over it twice (a good thing since touching anything so close to my eyeball makes me want to throw up).

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer: I dab this on the apples of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose,  just under my brows, above the center of my upper lip and over my lipstick.  Yes, I know this is a lot of places in a relatively small surface area, but the formula is not greasy, glittery or sticky so you can dab without abandon.

Within seconds, I tell you, I am a new person.