Mom Notes: Weekend Warriors

Pre-baby, weekends were wonderfully lazy. My husband and I tried to make as few plans as possible, and  would spend hours on end laying on our couch watching movies and eating pizza. During the week, life was exhausting, so those were our days to just enjoy doing nothing. Now, weekends are more exhausting than weekdays, thanks to the little lady who inhabits the very room that we used to watch movies and eat pizza in.

It only took 15 months, but I think we finally figured out the key to making it through weekends with a baby- plans. And lots of them.

Saturday, it was a pancake breakfast at the hotel down the street, followed by a trip to the Central Park zoo, then lunch at Serafina, and finally a walk around Madison Square Park (where Alexa got to push her mini-stroller around the entire perimeter- hence this walk took much longer than usual, but that was a good thing).  Sunday, it was a long walk, then a drive out to spend the afternoon with friends in Westchester.

After putting Alexa to bed on Sunday night, Brian & I both agreed- this was our best weekend with a baby yet. Instead of spending the morning negotiating with each other for alone time (Me: If you let me go to Flywheel, I will let you take an hour nap and I will walk the dog tonight. Brian: Okay, but I want a two hour nap. And it goes on like this. For hours), we spent our morning gearing up for the fun activities ahead.

So now I am busily researching other things we can do to fill the  coming weekend, and the weekend after that, and so on.