Love It: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm

I was never very good in art class. Coloring inside the lines was never really my thing (read into that however you wish...) Had I known that honing these artistic skills could later in life help me to master my makeup, I may have tried a little harder. Given my penchant for quickly swiping on lip color, usually sans mirror, lip stains have typically proven dangerous. I love the color, but hate the risk.

As embarrassed as I am to admit this, the commercial for the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm piqued my interest. I mean, I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years, I should know better than to be swayed by well-produced ad campaigns featuring born-perfect celebs, but I am only human I suppose. And the product, I am happy to report, didn't disappoint.

The color assortment is amazing (I love Passion, Crave and Gothic the best personally) and the stain is delivered via a marker-like tip that is nice and narrow and fairly mistake-proof. Even for an art class miscreant like me. A true testament to the staying power? If you want a couple seconds and then put on the balm, the color doesn't even rub off on the clear balm stick.

At under $10 a pop, I think they are a definite drugstore do next time you are looking for a quick face update. Perfect winter blah pick-me-up...