Maternity Style: My Attempt at Saturday Night Out on the Lower East Side Chic

Yeah. so as this shot shows- things are just kind of getting bigger all around. Oh, one of these days I will have a complete and total meltdown about it, but for now, just going with it and repeating to myself daily- you will lose this after the baby is born.  Considering I was born sans the willpower gene, this remains to be seen but hey, I like to try and think positive.

We went out with friends to Kenmare on Saturday night- I have kind of avoided these cool places while pregnant simply because popping out of my clothes and not being able to throw back a few cocktails was all the more incentive to stay home in my pjs. But a girl can only play hermit for so long.

Busted out one of my many pairs of maternity J Brand jeans- these are the pencil leg in Indigo. Topped with a GapMaternity cami (they are the best, highly recommend getting a few- nice and long and they don't roll up) and then finally got some wear out of an Alice + Olivia velvet blazer that I bought 2 years ago and still had the tags in it. It always felt too big- but now, it fits like a slightly snug glove. The DKNY wedges I blogged about a couple weeks ago were the perfect footwear- comfortable and stable, and the olive green kinda didn't match at all but enhanced the outfit in an eclectic way I think. Threw on a Dannijo collar style necklace that may have been pushing it in the maternity style department, but I couldn't resist. Granted, after dessert I sort of felt like I was strangling myself in the name of accessorizing... All in all a fun night- especially because I didn't wake up with any sign of a hangover on Sunday morning.