Maternity Style: La Prairie Pre-Natal Massage- Nice.

In my book, there are few things more decadent than a massage. So when I was invited up to La Prairie at the Ritz Carlton on Central Park South for one, I at first thought- I couldn't POSSIBLY have time, there is no way I am going to be able to go. Then, I thought about all the amazing benefits of massage- pre-natal massage in particular- and figured- what the heck- I am making a human in my belly right now, I can allow myself this little luxury, right? So I went on Tuesday evening and it was pretty damn phenomenal.

The spa is so beautiful- has a very "Old New York" feel to it but not in a stodgy way- more in a "My life is fancy and fabulous and calm" way. And they have a music list with everything from Mozart to Jack Johnson- love that. I am not one for Pachelbel's cannon, so being able to infuse some pop in my pampering was a huge plus.  My massage therapist David could not have been nicer- sometimes I feel weird with male masseuses, but he made me completely comfortable. And helped to hoist me into this great pre-natal pillow situation that they have so I could lay face down and get all the knots worked out of my lower back.

So, pregnant or not- if you are in NYC and feel like treating yourself to some classic R & R- check out the La Praire Spa. I have a good feeling you will love it as much I did.

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