I Gave In: Ankle Booties AND Wedges

I resisted the ankle bootie for a few seasons now- and for even longer than that, I have maintained my defiance against the wedge. Now, look at me- firs t new pair of shoes out of the gate for Fall 2010 is a wedge style ankle bootie.

But let me explain why this particular DKNY Aura Suede Wedge is simply so exceptional:

1- They are low-cut, meaning they dip below the ankle and therefore actually make my legs look longer, as opposed to cut off right below the calf. I can use every inch (illusion or not) that I can get.

2- The wedge is slim, not chunky and bulky, so on the foot it has the same effect as a stiletto heel would- and I love me some stilettos.

If you want to take the plunge, I suggest giving these a try. Hey, if I can do it...

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