MBEZE DEODORETTES: The Most Dainty Sweat Stoppers


As most of you probably know since I tend to bring it up often in my TV segments- I am convinced that I have a "heating disorder" (A term coined by my best friend and fellow sweat-er, Nicole)- sweating (kind of excessively) , and freaking out about it, is part of my daily routine. Nicole actually totes a travel size deo in her bag when we go out at night (and I make fun, yet borrow when she isn't looking.)

When I discovered these adorable Mbeze Deodorettes at the opening of the new Studio BeautyMix store in NYC (110 Wooster in Soho, you must go if you are in the city!), I swooned. They are teeny, pretty, made with natural and organic ingredients, and- best of all- effective.

They really do have everything going for them. ... I am kind of jealous.