Blow Wavemaker Twisting Lotion: My Quest for Curls

Blow Wave Maker

I really want to grow out my hair. I want it to fall past the usual just-below-the-shoulder length that I seem to always get stuck at before, in exasperation, I head to get it chopped in a moment of weakness after reading too many US Weeklys or something. Blowing my hair out 3 times a week is very much to blame for the lack of patience here- the fried ends break off and leave hair looking frizzy and thin, causing me to pick them off one by one, leaving a jagged mess of a mane.

In an effort to maintain full and healthy hair so as to avoid a desperate trip to my stylist, I am trying to go curly a couple times a week- trying different recipes of shampoos, conditioners and styling products every week to master it. So far, my favorite styling product is by far Blow Styling Salon's Wavemaker Twisting Lotion.

I learned the art of twisting about 7 years ago when I was a hair model for Oscar Blandi for a CBS Early Show segment- and it really is the only thing that works to deliver perfectly tousled, loose ringlets. Wavemaker is light so curls aren't weighed down (since mine are pretty loose to begin with, anything heavy leaves hair straight and lifeless) but has enough holding power to define the twists into curls. And it doesn't leave hair crunchy- which is very impressive for any curl styler that actually works. Typically, the crunch factor is just something you suck up because you kinda feel like you have to. Not true anymore!

You can get a bottle of this lovely lotion here- or, better yet, if you are in the NYC area, pop into one of the two Blow Styling Salons for their famous blowout and pick it up straight from the source. I was one of the first customers there when they opened several years ago, and have yet to walk out with anything but amazing hair.

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