My Guilty Pleasure: Split Ends vs. Nexxus ProMend

My worst beauty habit? I will confess- I have an obsession with picking at my split ends.  I mean, when you highlight your hair every 3-4 months for what, 15 years, you are bound to get some good ones, right? And boy, do I get good ones. Many of them are architectural wonders unto themselves, I find them absolutely fascinating. But I know they are a sign of unhealthy hair, and they do nothing for my style especially on days when I let my hair go curly and they go all haywire.

So I have a love-hate thing going on with the new Nexus ProMend collection. Claiming to bind up to 92% of split ends, if this line is as effective as it claims to be, my self-soothing split-end picking past-time is going to be just that- in the past. So far I have used the shampoo and conditioner a couple times and I do notice a slight downturn in the number of crazy split ends I come across- but my favorite is the Leave In Treatment Creme. I massage it into my ends after every washing, and it gives my hair a nice, smooth finish.

In my quest to one day attain long hair, this just may be my secret weapon.