Alexa Arrives & I Learn My First Lesson of Parenthood...

That lesson being you have no way of planning for what is in store... Friday, January 7th began as a relatively unremarkable day- until around 2:30pm. I was sitting at my desk working on a presentation when, well, to cut to the chase and spare you the details- my water broke. I had no idea what was happening- I mean, first of all, who even knew water actually broke? I thought that was only something that happened in romantic comedies- typically ones starring Hugh Grant. Second of all- it was January 7th, and I wasn't due until February 13th. In my world, when something is supposed to happen at a certain time, it happens at that time exactly. And in the exact fashion I had planned. My Type A personality leaves little room for surprises, and that has always been fine by me.

A few minutes later, I was up at Lenox Hill waiting for my doctor to meet me, in complete denial. All I could muster was- I am NOT having this baby today. I can't be having this baby today. There is no way on earth I am having this baby today. Then, I got practical and remembered to call my producer at the Early Show to find a sub for my segment that was slated for the next morning and call Oscar Blandi to cancel my appointment for highlights (which I was kind of devastated about to be honest- I had planned to go into labor freshly highlighted, with a nice subtle spray tan and a fresh wax).

Well, I was wrong. Less than seven hours later, Alexa French Falik was born. Four pounds, eleven ounces, screaming her lungs out, with a head full of blonde hair. My mom and father-in-law had boarded flights from Florida and Texas respectively around 8pm when I was still in the beginning stages of screaming from pain, and when they landed at 11pm, Brian and I got to shock them with the news that they had a granddaughter.

In the coming days and weeks I have a feeling this blog will become my outlet to share crazy stories as I make the transition from living a selfish workaholic carefree life to figuring out how to be a mom. Beauty and fashion finds will surely still be included (for example, today's diaper bag debacle and the many wonders of Aquaphor) and when I get back to "real life" in a couple months the mommy stuff may disappear altogether from the blog, we will just have to see how it goes.

Kind of like parenthood, I guess.