Now I Get It: Yellow Lip Gloss


When I unearthed this yellow lip gloss in a recent delivery of Spring launches from Estee Lauder, I didn't get it.  In a sea of beautiful pink, berry and red shades, where did this fit in?

Then I went on vacation, and wanted to make the most of my beachy (faux) glow. My makeup strategy for the week was all about beige and bronze tones- almost a monochromatic face, framed by semi-crazy (but in a good way, or at least I thought so) wavy hair. And this lip gloss- called Citron Kiss, part of their Pure Color collection, became the most necessary and transformative step in my routine.

The yellow hue counteracts the natural pink tone of the lips, giving the effect of a nude gloss but in a much more effective way.  I can pretty much commit now to wearing Citron Kiss every single day this summer- which means it is time to stockpile since this is a limited edition shade. Go figure.