Selective Eye (Beautify): The one second solution to red skin.


Gotta try it? Oh, yeah you do. Click HERE to learn more/purchase.

Remember those "big things" I alluded to in yesterday's post? Well, the video above marks the launch of one of them.

Introducing Selective Eye.

Selective Eye will offer quick peeks at must-own stuff and must-know tips to make living a stylish life simple. My goal is to show, twice a week, things that you may not have known existed but eventually won't want to live without.  

Since I rarely have more than a minute to spare (and if I did, I can think of lots of other ways to spend it...disco nap, anyone?)  and I assume you don't either, Selective Eye videos will rarely be longer than sixty seconds. And, any time a product is featured, there will be a link on the page so that more information and/or a potential purchase is just a click away.  

On any given day you may find a healthy snack idea, a fashion fake-out, a beauty breakthrough, an inexpensive but pricey looking decor idea, a kid-related something or other...The content is as all over the place as I am. Because the more I thought about it, any "expertise" I can claim is based out of a self-interested survival instinct, and has been since I started doing the on-air thing in 2005.  Having my own platform to share such randomness (and being able to shoot it all in my house- score one for suburbia!) feels amazing, like taking control of my digital destiny or something like that...

I really hope that you enjoyed the first installment of Selective Eye. If you did, make  life easy and subscribe. Convenience is everything...I should tattoo that on my wrist...Future video, perhaps?