New Year, Fresh Start, Big Plans

Notice anything different?

Yep, I treated my blog to a facelift.

And like with any sort of cosmetic upgrade, it is only really worth the time and money necessary to do it right if you anticipate big things ahead. I mean, when I get a spray tan in the middle of winter it is either because a beach vacation or an occasion to don a cocktail dress is on the horizon.  Botox before a high school reunion, fresh highlights scheduled the day before a career-changing meeting, the list goes on...

I figure it is about time. I am a very different person than I was in 2008. And although some days I most certainly do feel worse for the wear (restraining a toddler determined to crawl out of her crib is no joke, people), overall it amazes me just how much more full my life has become.  My website has been so instrumental in helping me to achieve goals, both personally and professionally, and as such it deserves to accurately reflect who I am at this moment in time.

While Sunday afternoons with friends spent chasing kids around a backyard (and a hefty supply of rosé) may not sound as sexy as Saturday nights dancing at Lotus until 4am (I totally dated myself with that Lotus reference, I know), they happen to be infinitely more enjoyable. Getting my Costco card elicited a level of joy likely on par with the elation I felt upon holding my first fake ID ( anyone who sees me wandering the aisles of that place would know instantly however the former is as much of a sham as the latter), and somehow I have 2 Pinterest boards dedicated to...gasp...GARDENING!

Some things will stay the same- like my randomly posted rants on working motherhood and the occasional shopping confession after buying sweatshirts meant for 16 year old California girls in bulk- but others will evolve. 

Tomorrow will mark the launch of the first, gulp, "big thing"! 

Somehow the timing worked out to coincide with my daughter's third birthday, and I can't help but laugh when I realize that the labor to bring her into this world was about a thousand times easier (and less time-consuming) than the labor to bring said project to fruition.  It also perfectly captures the life I have come to know as a working mom, a life that I never appreciated a bit until I started living it. A life that means tonight while I stuff the gift bags for tomorrow's "pizza & cake" party with one hand, I will be testing links and formatting text with the other. Likely muttering under my breath about how I hope I make it to the grocery before it closes to get the fruit salad, and did I forget to confirm the bubble lady, and ugh why are there never enough hours in the day- but knowing that I would not trade this set up for anything. 

If you haven't already, I recommend subscribing (click here or on that snazzy new icon to the right). As my husband will attest, since he sees me emailing myself reminders and ideas at all hours of the night, if it is not in my inbox, it is not on my radar. And I want the stuff I have in the pipeline to be on your radar-  I think (hope?!) you will too.