Stila Hair Powder. My Favorite Find. Ever.

stila-hair-powder.jpgHair powders have recently become a hot topic, and as their popularity rises, I find myself saying over and over again- I told you so. There is simply no better way to get the most mileage out of a blowout. My favorite hair powder, the one I rave about to anyone who will listen, is still relatively under the radar- so I am going to let you in on the scoop. Stila makes the best hair powder out there- who knew? Stila Creme Bouquet Hair Refresher comes out in an airy "pouf"- allowing it to evenly distribute itself without necessitating vigorous and potentially damaging brushing. And the smell is delicious. Hair holds scent for a long time- much longer than the skin does- so you will catch whiffs of your fresh 'do all day long. And you will love it. Every time. Promise.