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I love shopping online. Living in NYC and working 15 hour days, the last thing I want to do is fight the crowds on the weekends navigating the 5th floor at my mecca, Bergdorf Goodman. So- I have mastered the art of buying almost all my clothes- yes, jeans too- online, and I revel in the fact that I can then try them on in the privacy of my own apartment, with the clothes I already own, and make a good judgement call on whether or not they warrant space in my closet.

Recently, I was introduced to an amazing site, called Shop It To Me. You go in, enter your fave brands (and they have them all, trust me!), your sizes, your product preferences (dresses, shoes, pants- even running gear!) and every morning (or however often you choose), an email arrives listing every item that is going on sale that day which, according to your profile, would peak your interest.

The emails are well laid out- giving you images, prices and direct links of each item. And you really do get first dibs- this site often scoops even the retailer's own emails to customers announcing new markdowns.

Now, instead of surfing from site to site trying to find the best deals on that alice + olivia dress I have been lusting after, or those gold Giuseppe Zanotti shoes I have coveted since January- I can patiently wait for them to come to me. After all, I know they will. Eventually. I hope.