This Was a WEEK. And I Discovered Instagram.

Oh my. Feeling like I am finally catching my breath from a super crazy week. Unfortunately, aforementioned breath is raspy since I officially ran myself ragged and now seem to be on the verge of a major cold situation. So it goes...

Here are some highlights:

MONDAY: Started the week over at Today Show to share coats under $100- so much fun, and even though I honestly never get nervous for the segment itself, the preparation and anticipation definitely takes a toll. But love every second of it- from getting the spot booked and having the excuse to go scout the market to seeing the models in their final looks with big smiles on their faces.

TUESDAY: Left the house at 5am for a Satellite Media Tour- which is kind of like a beauty and fashion tip marathon. I stand in one place (luckily behind a table so flats could be worn) and share tips on a given topic (this time around it was products benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness) over and over and over again with tv and radio stations all over the country. The nice thing is that by 11:30 it is all over- which meant I could take Alexa to her class at Appleseeds and still get a nice 5 hour stretch in the afternoon to get other work done.

WEDNESDAY: Somehow I thought it was a good idea to host a cocktail/shopping party at my apartment- this is the third one I have done, and every time I say never again, yet of course, there is always an again. I can't help myself. 100 girls popped over to peruse the Fall collection from my beloved Hunter Dixon, pick up Birchbox goodies, get touch ups from Jouer Cosmetics, check out Shop It To Me and catch up with friends in the beauty/fashion/publishing worlds. So fun- of course, I am already thinking how I will pull it off again next year. Oh- and it was fun for Alexa too- she got to have a sleepover at the Carlton Hotel. Quite fancy. (Note: Since Ana Schechter took such gorgeous photos, I am saving them for a full party post, coming soon...)

THURSDAY: I am working on a very exciting project with Shutterfly (details to be shared in a later blog post when it officially launches) so at 7am sharp I was perched in a makeup chair on-set getting ready for a full day of shooting. This is the kind of stuff I love- so even though I was running on fumes and a 6 hour shoot became a 10 hour shoot (always the case- always), it was a blast. Part of that has to do with the company- great team all around, especially getting to work with Ana Schechter, who shot the pics of my party the night before, Erica Whelan, one of my go-to makeup artists, and the adorable Alison Lang, otherwise known as the stylist who saved my sanity. Love it when a project allows me to bring together my favorite people- in this business, often that makes the difference.

FRIDAY: Ahh, a day of rest. Still haven't changed out of my pajamas (it is almost 3pm), busily sending thank you emails and notes to all of the amazing ladies that helped me make it through this week in one piece. And, in case you didn't notice from above images- I have become Instagram obsessed. And as a result, I keep getting side-tracked playing around with all the filters and getting caught up in these images that make my life look about a thousand times cooler than it actually is. The way I feel today is best captured in this picture I took of Norms (and subsequently Instagrammed obviously) stationed at my feet since 8am.