Flats: A Fashion Confession.

I have a confession to make.

Up until last week, my go-to flats were the Tory Burch Reva ballet slippers with the big Tory Burch gold medallion logo on top. Technically, I am very much aware that there there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, I adore Tory Burch. I especially adore Tory Burch shoes. But to call myself a "style expert" and wear the one pair of shoes that millions of women across the world owned, loved and moved on from probably 2 years ago, is, well, embarrassing.

To be fair- they are without a doubt the most comfortable flats I have ever owned, and they look great with everything in my closet that would ever be appropriate to wear with flats. But they are ubiquitous. Actually- they WERE ubiquitous. In like 2009. Since then, even the most hard-core Tory devotees (i.e. my mom) have "graduated" to her more subtle/less logo-tastic offerings.

Except me. See, I never found a pair of flats that wowed me to the point that I simply had to own them- so I figured, if it ain't broke...

And then, I spotted these:

A friend of mine was wearing them- and when she told me a) they were comfortable and b) she got them at ZARA, I had to have them immediately. As in, I went online the second I got home and ordered a pair. And have worn them every day since.

Pointy toe flats that are COMFORTABLE? Amazing.

And on top of that, an on-trend yet timelessly sophisticated style for UNDER $70? Knock me over with a feather.

Or in this case, a flat.