Your Face. In a Dove Ad. In Times Square.


When Spring rolls around, we all make a bit more of an effort to take care of our skin. Inevitably, we are going to be bearing it- in sleeveless tops, sundresses, shorts, skirts, even (gasp!) swimsuits.

So, as long as we are making the effort, may as well let everyone see, right?

Thanks to the Dove "Show Us Your Skin" campaign, we can. In a really big way.

When Dove told me about their largest campaign ever featuring real women, I was insanely impressed. When they invited me to be a part of it, I was insanely excited. To be honest, it has resulted in many a “pinch myself” moment over the past few weeks. Such an iconic brand, such a huge campaign- I had a  Sally Field acceptance speech inner monologue- the voice in my head said "You like me?! You really like me?!"

Show Us Your Skin” encourages every woman to have the confidence to show off her beautiful skin in a national Dove ad- which happens to include an appearance on an interactive billboard in Times Square. Yep, your face smiling down on one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Not an opportunity many of us ever expected to have, right?

It is as simple as uploading a photo- which can be done via the Dove website and Facebook page, or with a free iPhone app (to get it, just call **Dove). If you happen to be in NYC, pop by the Real Beauty Photo Studio today or tomorrow (located at 44th and Broadway, just under the giant Dove billboard, you can't miss it) and get your picture snapped by a pro.

Oh, and if your friends don’t believe you when you tell them you were featured in a Dove ad, we have you covered. A snapshot of your moment of fame will be emailed to you.

*Photo courtesy of Mark Von Holden/Getty Images*