Mom Notes: There is Something About Small Sneakers

I was obsessed with Trumpettes (the socks that look like shoes) for the first 12 months of Alexa's life. Then it started to get weird- she was the only kid in music class not wearing shoes, and clearly busting out of the teeny socks (as in, the faux shoe ended halfway along her foot, totally ruining the illusion that made me fall in love with them in the first place.)

So I went  baby shoe shopping. And hated everything. Why couldn't anyone just make simple shoes for kids? Nice white sandals were ruined with multi-colored flower details on the toe, mary janes were ALMOST normal if you could get over the orthopedic-like gigantic sole sticking out on either side. Which, by the way, I couldn't- but still succumbed to a pair out of desperation.

Then, I spotted a pair of adorably old school Saucony sneakers on Alexa's cousin. Here I was, the assumed fashion know-it-all of the family, completely shown up by my lawyer cousin.

Instead of getting mad, I got even- finding out where they got said shoes (Zappos) and promptly logging on to buy a pair myself.

While I was perusing the selection on the site, I stumbled upon several other super small sneakers that of course I had to throw into the mix. I dare you to resist mini New Balances and pint sized Pumas.

The hunt for a non-dorky summer sandal may still be on, but at least I can rest assured that in the sneaker department, my kid is covered.