Get Glitter Sneakers. Ideally, These.


Not to gloat, or anything- but...I scored the most insane deal on the most awesome glitter sneakers. (Okay, maybe that was a gloat. Sorry.)

While I feel silly even typing the words "glitter sneakers" given that I am a grown woman, the truth is, they are a very handy shoe to have in your closet. They dress up jeans and t-shirt- either in a whimsical way if you just keep the rest of your look simple, or in an actual dressy way if you layer on jewelry and a cropped black blazer.

Also, I have seen so many women perfectly pull off sneakers with a cocktail dress- I know it sounds crazy, but I am serious- I had major style envy at this cocktail party a few months back when one of the women chairing the event was darting around, happy as can be, clad in a super cool cocktail dress and glitter encrusted Golden Goose sneaks. 

So anyway- back to ME. 

I was shopping for back to school clothes from my daughters when I spotted THESE at Gap Kids. My first instinct was to get a pair for Alexa- which I did. As I searched for her size, I noticed that the last pair way back in the rack looked kinda big. So, while nobody was watching, I slid off my Golden Goose sneakers and popped my foot in.

The shoe was a size 4 and it fit perfectly (I am somewhere between a women's 6.5 and 7). 

The price? $54.95. But they are currently on sale here for under $40! 

You can probably fit into these shoes if you are a size 7.5 or below (figuring a Gap Kids size 5 would fit a 7.5 women's foot- and the size 6 is sold out, so for all intents and purposes, size 5 is the largest option). 

And if you are looking for other sizes or styles that make the same overall style statement, may I recommend one of the below?