The Best Finds To Extend Your Summer Glow, As Seen On "TODAY"

Because you want to keep that summer glow going for as long as possible, and you may not have not been glued to the TV on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, I wanted to make sure to share my latest "TODAY" segment with you all.

Here is the deal- when I have a tan, I feel like 20 pounds more svelte. And after the amount of alcohol and ice cream I consumed this summer, I can use all the help I can get. Watch the video for the full rundown of products that will get the job done, and in case you want a short list cheat sheet of what I am now using on the reg after testing tons of stuff for the segment, see below:

1- St Tropez One Night Only Body Gloss: Gorgeous glossy finish without any of that strip-club sparkle (because come on, people, I'm a mom now...)- it instantly re-ups a fading tan, doesn't come off on clothes, and gives me the illusion of triceps even when they are hidden under layers of vodka and french fries. 

2- Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette in Summer Solstice: So, get this- purple is one of the best hues to enhance a tan look- it works on every skin tone (especially darker skin tones) and never looks orange. Dust the purple Mykonos shade on your cheekbones (it goes on way more sheer than it looks)- and just try to resist dabbing the Poured Melted Strobe in shimmering gold St. Tropez over, well, every inch of yourself. 

3- Nars Laguna Body Tint SPF 30: The smartest way to show some skin- I tested this on the tennis court a few times and my whites remained unscathed- impressive. Plus, it smells freaking incredible. 

4- Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss: A tad glittery, but it dries down into a powdery finish and gives this glimmery effect to your lids that brightens up your entire being.

Oh- and not featured in the segment because, well, you only have so much air time :

5- Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer: It's affordable, and it's amazing. I use it pretty much every single day, and you should too.