Bulk Buy These Gifts If You Are On The Kids’ Birthday Party Circuit.

From left:   Hair Ties   /   Acrylic Heart Note Holder   (20% off thru 2.3 with code JENNF) /   Sunglasses   /   Glitter Photo Globe   /   Journal   /   Fuzzy Pants   /   Nightlight

From left: Hair Ties / Acrylic Heart Note Holder (20% off thru 2.3 with code JENNF) / Sunglasses / Glitter Photo Globe / Journal / Fuzzy Pants / Nightlight

Ah, the kids birthday party circuit. Fun (especially when you need an activity on longgg day, or you get to snag a giant slice of cake), but also, well, you know… another thing to add to the seemingly endless to-do list.

RSVP, organize transportation, and of course, pick up a gift.

After a few too many frantic en-route-to-the-party-gift-stops, I decided to make my life easy and stock up on versatile gifts that would work for my daughters’ friends- items that suit many personality types and interests, and are not one-and-done, clutter-causing, trendy toys.

1- Hair Elastics & Tower: Alexa is currently obsessed with these cute hair ties, which are super easy for her to use by herself, and I love how they have a jewelry-like quality. Bundle them with a hairband holder- keep it simple (and affordable)- just buy these- best bright colors and a pack of 12 is $12- hook the bands through the middle and DONE!

2- Acrylic Note Holder (Use code JENNF for 20% off through 2/3/19): So cute, so practical, and SO many uses for the acrylic holder beyond notepaper- corralling mail, photos, etc. I buy TONS of (practically all of) my teacher, hostess and birthday gifts from The Paper Alley- the owners are friends of mine. The Ali’s (yes, the founders are both named Ali) care deeply about making everything perfect for every customer, and they are obsessively finding and adding new offerings to their site 24/7, so be sure to check it out and use code JENNF for 20% off your purchase- woo hoo!

3- Fun Sunglasses: Kids need to protect their eyes- and every little girl I have ever seen wear these not only looks adorable in them, but they can never stop smiling when they have them on. They are less than $10 a pop, so depending on what you want to spend, you can gift a few colors (I love the combo of white, pink and red). Talk about eye candy…

4- Glitter Globe Photo Frame: Giving credit where it is due, my bestie Miryha (who also is the one that clued me into the bathing suit brand featured HERE which still happen to be one of the most clicked on items on my blog) discovered these, and gave each of my girls one for her birthday this year and they both have them proudly displayed front and center in their rooms. You can print a fave photo at CVS or Walgreens same day to truly make it personal.

5- One Question A Day Journal: I first wrote about this HERE, and so many people since then have commented that after they bought it for their kids, they started buying it for everyone else’s. Perfect for girls and boys alike, I would wrap it up with a fun pencil set (how cute is THIS set?? I love the positive, yet not cheesy, messages!)

6- Fuzzy Pajama Pants: This gift is fool-proof. Depending on the kid, these pants end up getting worn as pajamas, over dance or gymnastics clothes, and/or for cozy hang-out days at home. With so many design options to choose from, every personality is covered.

7- Unicorn Nightlight: A more fancy version of a perfectly practical item is, in my opinion, the best kind of gift to give a kid. The parents are happy because it is useful, and the kids are happy because it is an upgrade on the basic version. We love THIS night light in Alexa’s room, and it looks much more expensive than it’s actual price tag.

Any ideas from recent gifts you have spotted whilst on the birthday party circuit? Please share and post a link below!