Quick 6: Best Home Finds of The Month

January was my “attempt to get my sh#t together at home” month, and in my quest to clean out and clean up (and source items for THIS segment), I found a few things that make me REALLY damn happy- and here they are:

1- Drawer Dividers: We have a campaign dresser in Goldie’s room and now the deep drawers finally stay organized- perfect for corralling rows on rows of metallic leggings and sequin “switchie” shirts.

2- Battery Organizer: By far the most clicked-on item from my most recent Better Basics segment for TODAY, this thing is genius. Love that it shows me instantly what battery sizes I have so I don’t repeatedly buy the ones I don’t need, and the battery tester affixed to the unit is a big bonus.

3- Headband Holder: This first came into my life about a year ago when I bought one to put on the wall of Goldie’s closet, and since then, my love for it has increased ten fold- so easy to put up on the wall, I use it in my own closet for THESE headbands as well as to hold my sunglass collection.

4- Neon Rainbow Light: Okay, yeah, so this isn’t an organization item per se, but it is so fun to look at and the price is insanely good- it is one of my favorite things in Alexa’s new room (reveal coming in February!), and I just think everyone should own one.

5- Kids Schoolwork Keepsake Memento Box: One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram right now is @lifeinjeneral, and she said once in her Instastories that if everything has a HOME, your home will stay organized. This aesthetically-pleasing keepsake box gives a home to all those random papers and such that you can’t bear to throw away, but never quite know where to put.

6- Water Bottle Storage Organizer: You didn’t realize how much space was being wasted by roly-poly waterbottles until they are stacked in this and finally stay still.