The 3 Best One Piece Swimsuits


And I know, because I tried like 100. And returned approximately 97.

While I always have- and always will- love this suit- when water-side with kids, the whole strapless thing becomes a major liability (something I learned the hard way after one too many very public wardrobe malfunctions). 

I plan on living in these 3 one piece swimsuits every single time I step out in a public place with my kids for a swim this summer (when not with my kids, or not at a location where I know 90% of the people in close proximity, I will still bust out some more, um, playful options- but, I'll save those for a future post):

1: Roxy Boheme Crochet Long Sleeve Rashguard: The price is insane (in a good way), as is the material (also in a good way). It has sculpting power, and even though it is the most creamy, flawless white, it doesn't get see-through in the water. The crochet details are all about flattering the figure- creating the illusion of a defined (and cinched in, bonus!) waist. Oh- and the back zipper features a long pull string so you can actually zip it up yourself. Since, at least in my experience, my 6 and 2 year olds aren't terribly helpful when I ask for wardrobe assistance.

2: Solid & Striped Anne Marie One Piece:  The striped suits from this brand are all over the place right now- and, since I am impressionable (or, curious?) like that, I tried one, and felt like I looked like a circus performer. But the cut was great- so I exchanged the striped for a solid- and it is totally that "oh, wait- this is sexy? I had no idea- just liked that it was practical (insert wink here)" swimsuit. I own the hot pink one- and, full disclosure- it is a bit see-through in the, errr, nipple area. Red should be less so, hence it is the color I chose to feature. Either way, get yourself a pair of these and the whole see-through thing becomes a non-issue. 

3: O'Neill Starry One Piece:  Obsessed. When I saw this online, I thought it was too good to be true, especially given the reasonable price point. But alas, the gold stars are super shiny (and don't peel off), the material is awesome, and it has a shelf bra built in that both lifts and shapes. Plus, the lace-up back situation is loose enough that it doesn't pinch (I have a thing with back fat- even the potential of a roll infuriates me!).